Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Rejection Means For You (Hint: Nothing)

With the Great Silicon Valley Talent War of 2010 (infographic) raging on between Google and Facebook, many engineers are undoubtedly dusting off their resumes and considering taking a stab at getting in on a piece of the action. Some may consider the escalating efforts at getting engineering talent to be a bubble, but there's no reason why talented engineers shouldn't get in on a piece of the action while the going is hot. Google's reputation as an employer is nothing short of legendary, as there have been hundreds of articles written about the Google work culture, benefits and perks, and the hiring process. If Facebook's trajectory remains on course, it will likely join Google at the top of the totem pole of coveted Silicon Valley employers.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hacking The Padlock

While I was at the gym a few weeks ago, a couple pretty silly thoughts came to me that I thought were interesting enough (at least to me) to jot down. Most gyms provide lockers for personal storage, sans the actual padlocks. As I turned and spun my trusty old Master Lock combination padlock, I realized that these padlocks are actually 97.5% less secure than they're made out to be.

From what I can tell, the common padlocks used by most people are more or less the same. These Master Lock-style combination locks were also used for the hallway lockers I had during grade school. The locks have a combination of 3 numbers, and the sequence of actions required to unlock the lock are: spin the lock clockwise past the first number 3 times, spin the lock counter-clockwise past the second number 2 times, and finally spin the lock clockwise directly to the final number.